Estelle Zorman



Estelle began drawing at the age of 3 under the tutelage of her aunt Milka in the little village of Bobovek near Kranj.  Her family left Slovenija in 1945, lived for 5 years in the Austrian refugee camps (thank you Austria!), and in 1950 emigrated to the United States.  Estelle‚Äôs gift in the visual arts has been a great blessing inspiring her to share her feelings and life observations. If the top bunk-bed where she slept as a child in the Austrian camps where still there one could see her drawings and engravings depicting scenes from a magical childhood.  She tells of a time at the dusk of the evening as she was lying on that top bed being mesmerized by the deepest most velvety blues and purples in the changing evening sky.  Her artist soul was hungry and thirsty for beauty in that barren Austrian camp.  Even today her acrylics and watercolors depict internal and external beauty.