Diane Ingri Levy

Artist & Iconographer


Diane Ingri Levy - Artist & Iconographer


DIane Ingri Levy finds BEAUTY inherent in everything that exists and aspires to represent that magnificent reality in form, line, and color in her portraits, nature studies, icons, and sacred art.


Her use of oils, egg tempera paints, and gold leaf provide her with the tools needed to represent a variety of styles.  The primary inspiration for her egg tempera paintings is from the art of the Byzantine and Early Renaissance periods, and her oil paintings show more of a impressionistic influence.


In addition to painting both in her studio and outdoors en plein air, she enjoys kayaking and time spent with friends over a good cup of tea.  Before embarking seriously in art 15 years ago, Diane worked in fields related to her degrees in physics, alternative health, and environmental health science.