About Us

 The Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association (GFAA) provides an art forum for members to collaborate on activities that expand on their individual artistic backgrounds by providing educational programs, promotional opportunities, and outreach to local audiences and the broader artistic community.

Our members work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, tempera and the graphic arts. Whether a seasoned artist, a beginner just exploring the possibilities, or someone returning to their art after years away, the GFAA is a great conglomeration of local talent that you will want to be a part of.


GFAA is dedicated to the education and promotion of the classical arts to encourage cultural interest in the development of quality original works of art in 2D format executed in, but not exclusively, oils, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, drawing medias and various mixed medias (subject to approval).


Not acceptable for GFAA show events:

  • Digitally produced original works (photography or other)

  • Copies of other artists/photographers copyrighted or personal works

  • Photography or other digitally produced reproductions of your work
    (i.e. giclees, computer prints, offset prints)

  • Sculpture

  • Crafts or items that might be considered of the nature of a craft.


GFAA's limited scope allows for an intense dedication to the classical mediums of the arts. Media outside this purview is subject to the scrutiny by GFAA board and it reserves the right to limitor exclude items for shows deemed outside the scope permitted.