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March 12th Members Meeting?

Let’s Paint Together!

So many of our meetings spotlight outstanding artists who come and share their particular perspectives with the group.  This month we thought we would put a spotlight on you!  So, the Board had a great idea.  Let’s paint together!  This meeting will be different than anything we have had before.  By RSVPing for this meeting, you are agreeing to participate in an experiment.  Your VP of Programs has selected an image of the Kentlands mansion that I took to use for this.  Each member will receive a panel and a piece of the full image.  Your job is, in your own expression, to copy the image you receive and to sign your piece when you are finished.  Everyone will be using acrylics and a limited color scheme.  GFAA will provide the paint and the clean up supplies.  Please bring your own brushes.  You will leave your completed panels with me at the end of the meeting.  Once the meeting is over and the panels are dry, they will be assembled into a custom frame to create the original image!  This custom piece will be donated as a token of our gratitude (as well as a way to show off who we are).  Remember you only have until March 5th to RSVP!  We look forward to seeing you there!


Important things to note:

Please RSVP by March 5th

Wear clothes for painting

Bring your own brushes and anything else (think multimedia) you would like to add to your piece.  Because of drying time oils are not permitted.

There isn’t any limit to imagination, innovation, creativity, style, method, technique or interpretation.

GFAA will supply paints and clean up supplies

This meeting is free



Remember to also bring in your piece for show and tell!!!

Thank you all and I will see you at the meeting!

Valerie Haber

VP for Programs


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Attention! To participate in the GFAA Kentlands Exhibit at Kentlands Mansion, March 13 – May 11 2020, Registration deadline is March 6th YOU MUST be a GFAA member as of January 1st, 2020. Click signup bar below.

GFAA provides an art forum for members to collaborate on activities that expand on their individual artistic backgrounds by providing educational programs, promotional opportunities, and outreach to local audiences and the broader artistic community.